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Building Financial Well-Being A COMMUNITY PLANNING TOOLKIT

7 months ago

Hot off the press! This toolkit that contains strategies to promote financial well-being in your community. To inspire and energize your community to act on financial well-being, you will find:

  • implementation details
  • tips on how to get started, and
  • stories and insights from organizations across Alberta and Canada.
What do you think of the toolkit? Share your favorite strategies on the Ideas tab.

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kgagnon 3 months ago
Really love this toolkit!! Not only does it have great recommendations and strategies around financial wellness but step-by-step options for what has worked in other communities. There are 9 financial well-being strategy's to consider with sub-strategy ideas for all of them. For example, sub-strategy Housing asks the "why's". Why are rental subsidies and supplements needed, why do we need supportive housing, why do need housing policies and kit walks you through "true and tried" ventures to consider. There are also great links to resources and tools throughout the document. Look forward to delving deeper into the contents of the kit with the Viking RIFS Multi-Sector Team. If you are interested in learning more about the toolkit; or have an idea for the Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain (RIFS) project, email or c all 780-679-3156.
This Toolkit rocks! Good job folks at the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund.