Parking at the ‘Lab Hub’

3 months ago

The Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, and the Alberta School for the Deaf have planned the location of parking spaces at the Edmonton ‘Lab Hub’. The proposed surface parking site will be located south of the Lab Hub building, across the present transit service road on 65th Street, and adjacent to the Alberta School of the Deaf.

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To read more about the parking plan, click on the Lab Hub update / Q&A to the right (below the photos).

At this point in planning, there are two parts related to the ‘Lab Hub’ parking that are confirmed – the location and the style.

The contract for the construction and long-term operation of the parking lot will be determined in the New Year (including which of the partners involved in this project will manage the parking lot). Therefore, parking lot amenities and particulars, such as providing energized stalls, employee cost, maintenance, and additional security measures, remain items to be determined. Concerns such as those shared below will be shared so they can be considered as part of the decision making process.

The decision to build a surface-level parking lot versus a covered parkade was made based on striking a fair balance that considered proximity to community housing, cost, distance to the ‘Lab Hub’ facility, and sensitivity towards being a publicly funded project.

The location was selected based on available land, convenience to users, security for employees at the ‘Lab Hub’ (particularly those who do not work day shifts), and ready access to public transit. The surrounding community needs were also considered - including limiting employee parking in local neighbourhoods, and preventing the massing effect that a multiple-story parkade would have.