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Hopes and Dreams of Committed Community Members

An inclusive community with no service barriers or bias and has increased integration and collaboration to maximize the level of supports to community members are just some of the hopes and dreams of 21 Whitecourt community members that attended the first RIFS coalition meeting in September.

When they dreamed of Whitecourt's financial wellness in two years here are some of their thoughts: Families adjusting to lower income levels; Alternative safe housing for our at risk teens; Children that do not shoulder financial strain; No limits set on children/youth due to finances; Affordable housing for everyone who needs it, when they need it; Healthy food for all; More part-time meaningful employment opportunities for those with barriers.

They hope that working together on RIFS, will lead to greater understanding of community and social services, financial education, positive attitudes towards those who are struggling, interconnection between support services, and engagement of community members. Check out the meeting summary. Do their hopes and dreams ring true for you?

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