Elders Announce Indigenous Name for PRIHS Project

Indigenous Elders Morris Little Wolf (Piikani), Winston Wadsworth (Kainai), Alice Zwart (Inuit), Alice Bissonette (Metis) and Beatrice Little Mustache (Piikani) gathered to discuss the naming of the South Zone Indigenous Patient Navigation Model project.

Through the Creator, "Four Winds" was identified.

  • Wind is of significance in the Blackfoot, Inuit and Métis cultures.

  • Wind is also significant to the South Zone (chinook winds).

  • Wind is never ending and transcends all cultures.

  • Winds bring calm and relaxation.

  • Wind also signifies a journey.

  • Wind is cleansing and healing.

  • Wind also comes from 4 directions (like the medicine wheel).

  • Wind is invisible – a power that you don’t see.

The Four Winds project hopes to support and provide navigation services for Indigenous patients and their families. Moving from having to chase support, to feeling the support, like a warm wind.

A naming transfer and Pipe Ceremony was held on August 21, 2019.

The ceremony was a heart touching and emotional experience. Special thanks to the Elders for leading the steering committee through such a special cultural tradition and for telling such meaningful and impactful stories.

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