Are there any Skype sessions available?

    We just added new dates in June & July by Skype for those that aren't able to join from a Telehealth session.  Please see the updated list of dates and times under documents.

    What is Shared Decision Making?

    Shared Decision Making is defined as a process of communication in which clinicians and patients work together to make optimal health care decisions that align with what matters most to patients.

    Who can participate in a focus group?

    The focus groups are open to all AHS staff interested in Shared Decision Making, specifically clinicians, Patient & Family Advisors, and AHS Council Members.

    The focus groups will be a mix of all particpants.

    When are the focus groups?

    The focus groups will be held in May & June. The complete list of dates, times, and locations can be found under "Documents" on the main page.

    How can I participate in a focus group?

    To participate in a focus group,

    Step 1 - "Sign Up" to create your profile for Together4Health.

    Step 2 - Register for a focus group session and provide your consent to participate on the main page.

    Step 3 - You will receive a confirmation by email that you are registered. 

    How many participants will be in each focus group?

    Each focus group will have a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 12 participants.

    Why do I have to sign up for Together4Health?

    Signing up for Together4Health will allow you to receive updates throughout the project. Sigining up for Together4Health will also give you access to other projects you may be interested in.

    Can I change focus group dates after I have registered?

    Yes, if you need to change your focus group date or cancel, please email

    Will more focus groups be added?

    If the focus groups fill up, we will explore adding more dates.

    Is there anything I need to do before the focus group?

    No. Once you have registered for a session, there is no pre-reading or work required before the focus group.

    Will my comments be recorded?

    Yes, all focus group sessions will be recorded; however, final reports, summaries and articles will reference disciplines, not individual participants.

    For more information, please review the Consent Information Sheet under "Documents" on the main page.

    What is Improving Health Outcomes Together (IHOT)?

    IHOT isn’t a new concept; it is about delivering best practice care more consistently and improving outcomes across the quadruple aim: clinical outcomes; patient experience; our people’s experience; and financial health.

    The IHOT Team within Quality & Healthcare Improvement (QHI) supports the Quality, Safety and Outcomes Improvement Executive Committee (QSO) to identify and implement outcomes improvement opportunities.

    We are doing this by leveraging existing organizational structures, like zone, program and unit Quality Councils, and by utilizing analytics to help prioritize opportunities and find a balance between local and provincial priorities.

    For more information, please visit the IHOT Insite page at: