South Zone: Day 4 - Meet Lynne

Meet Lynne from Lethbridge

Lynne is part of the South Zone Quality Council, and has participated in the South Zone Family Presence Review project. She is also on the South Zone planning team for PFCC Week.

What first interested you about the position?

I became involved as a PFA because I was angry and frustrated with my partner’s experience during his healthcare journey. I didn't want this to be acceptable and was prepared to do something to work toward improving healthcare in Alberta.

Why did you become a PFA, and why do you continue?

I was approached to become a PFA. I was willing to see if I could be heard by becoming a supplement to the system. I continue because I still have hope.

Thank you, Lynne, for your contributions to make AHS better. All that you do has a huge, positive impact on patient and family centred care!

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Thank you for joining us to celebrate Patient and Family Centred Care Week. Take a look at what people have shared and come back next year for more opportunities.

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