South Zone: Day 3 - Meet Cynthia

04 Nov 2020

Meet Cynthia from Medicine Hat

Cynthia has worked with the Child/Youth Adolescent & Mental Health Consultation/Liaison team, and looks forward to other opportunities to contribute to quality teams and projects in AHS.

What first interested you about the position?

I wanted to understand more about how to get connected to a mental health team in my community. I work with many parents in my circle that are raising challenging kids (those with sensory and/or difficulties surrounding mental health) and I desire to be a part of this networking so more people can easily access help.

What is one exciting thing you would like to share about this position?

That my city is full of agents for change in this area!

Thank you, Cynthia, for your contributions to make AHS better. All that you do has a huge, positive impact on patient and family centred care!

Categories: South Zone
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