South Zone: Day 2 - Meet Joel

04 Nov 2020

Meet Joel from Lethbridge, Alberta.

Joel is currently involved with the Provincial Patient and Family Advisor Group, Chinook ED Quality Council and many others. He also volunteers with Spiritual Care at Chinook and is part of the South Zone planning team for PFCC Week.

What first interested you about the position?

I have been through the AHS system, having had a couple spine surgeries. I had many doctors and nurses caring for me, and received ongoing treatments. They made me whole, and I wanted to give back to AHS. I want to be a voice for other patients and families, to assist and improve AHS and the care they provide.

How would you describe what you do to someone interested in this position?

I listen and collaborate with the other people on the committees I sit on. They may be a PFA like me, a front-line AHS employee, nurse, doctor, high-level executive, or even the president of AHS. I am accepted as an equal and give my opinions and suggestions, all the while thinking what another patient would think or want.

Thank you, Joel, for your contributions to make AHS better. All that you do has a huge, positive impact on patient and family centred care!

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