What is PRIHS?

    The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) is a partnership between Alberta Innovates and Alberta Health Services focused on supporting health research and innovation projects that will adopt and implement evidence to maintain or improve quality of patient care and services while substantially reducing costs in the healthcare system.

    This partnered funding opportunity targets the implementation of high quality, evidence informed solutions to “Enhancing Care in the Community” to address performance gaps (“Focus Areas”) in the healthcare system that prevent optimal patient care, resource use, delivery and access to affordable and sustainable health services.

    What is the vision and mission of the project?


    Building on growing momentum in AHS South Zone, we propose to innovate Indigenous navigation by learning from and adapting models, policies and partnerships from other jurisdictions, as means for advancing health system transformation


    To improve the appropriateness and efficiency of health care services for Indigenous populations by co-designing a variety of initiatives to meet patient and family needs while actively enhancing care in the community

    What are the objectives of the project?

    1.  Engagement Model - Developing a replicable engagement model with Indigenous communities throughout Alberta to effectively partner on reducing Indigenous health inequities

    2.  Co-Design - Engaging Alberta’s Indigenous communities, patients and families in co-designing an innovative model for Indigenous navigation to improve the experience and health outcomes

    3.  Implementation and Impact - Rigorously testing and evaluating the implementation and impact of our Indigenous engagement process and navigation model in South Zone using mixed-methods research design

    4.  Scale and Spread - Developing a detailed scale and spread strategy if the engagement and navigation models are shown to be successful

    Who is part of the Core Team?

    The team is now led by the principal investigator Dr. Richard Oster, Scientific Director. 

    The team also includes Kienan Williams, Program Lean Innovation and Research and Leslie Wells MSW, RSW, Senior Project Manager. 

    Indigenous Patient Navigators are Kara Eagle Bear and Jeremy Chief Calf

    How can we contact the Core Team?

    We welcome you to contact us via email at Fourwinds@albertahealthservices.ca

    Or, we invite you to contact one of our team members directly: