What is the Calgary Cancer Project?

    The project is responsible for the planning and development of the new Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC) and associated projects, in partnership with Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Health and the Patient & Family Advisory Council. 

    The CCC will increase cancer care capacity in southern Alberta by consolidating and expanding existing services in the Calgary Zone to support integrated and comprehensive cancer care. The CCC will be an internationally recognized, state-of-the-art facility that will provide cancer treatment services and serve as a hub for cutting edge cancer research.

    What is our vision and guiding principles for the project?


    The vision of the Calgary Cancer Centre is to deliver leading, comprehensive cancer care that integrates patient and family centred care, education, prevention, screening and cancer research.

    Guiding Principles

    • Provide patient and family centred care
    • Attract, retain and empower staff
    • Support the discovery and delivery of high quality cancer care
    • Operate efficiently
    • Provide a high level of safety for all patients, staff and visitors
    • Achieve high quality architecture and design
    • Support future change in cancer care

    What will set us apart?

    "The Calgary Cancer Centre will achieve exceptional patient experience because patients and their families have been integral in working with project leadership and staff. We have been involved in shaping this project and the Calgary Cancer Centre from the very beginning and through every step of the way" - Charlotte Kessler, Patient Advisor Co-Chair, Patient & Family Advisory Council

    Through a partnership with patients and families, the Calgary Cancer Project is focusing on:
    • The patient experience from diagnosis to discharge
    • The cancer continuum including key links with primary caregivers and discipline experts
    •  An integrated inter-disciplinary care team model. This includes a specific focus on supportive care
    • Integrated research across the spectrum to optimize care from prevention, early detection, precision medicine and psychosocial care

    When will the Calgary Cancer Centre open?

    It is anticipated that the building will be open to the public in 2023.

    Where is the Calgary Cancer Centre located?

    At the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC), south west of 16 Ave NW and 29 St NW.  This location is best suited to integrate cancer care with current key programs and services at the FMC site.

    How big will the facility be?

    The total square footage of the facility will be 1.3 million. There are 13 floors above ground and five below (including a parkade). 

    What will the new facility feature?

    Services at the new cancer centre are based on clinical priorities and has capacity for:

    ·  Outpatient cancer clinics

    ·  More than 100 patient exam rooms

    ·  160 inpatient unit beds

    ·  More than 100 chemotherapy chairs

    ·  Clinical and operational support services

    ·  Clinical trials unit and Alberta Precision Laboratories

    ·  Wet and dry research labs

    ·  Systemic treatment services

    ·  Radiation treatment services

    ·  Double the capacity to treat patients with the best technology

    ·  New on-site underground parking

    Will there be parking in the Calgary Cancer Centre?

    There will be 1650 underground parking stalls for patients, visitors and staff.

    How much will the project cost?

    The total project budget is $1.4 billion, which includes all aspects of planning, design, and construction of the Calgary Cancer Centre.

    What are the milestones for the Calgary Cancer Centre?

    ·  Ground-breaking:  Late 2017

    ·  Building Construction:  Late 2017-2022

    ·  Detailed Design:  Mid 2017 – Early 2020

    ·  Operational Readiness: Early 2020 - 2023

    ·  Building Readiness: 2022-2023

    ·  Public Opening (Anticipated):  2023

    What is building readiness?

    After construction, AHS will require time to check that the medical and building systems are working properly before being used for patient care. This includes checking a wide variety of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Preparing the building also includes final cleaning of the entire building and the installation of furniture and equipment.

    What is operational readiness?

    Operational readiness is the phase that helps an organization move to a new facility with new technology, new people and new processes. This planning will ensure that everything is ready and staff are trained for their first day in order to provide safe and quality care to patients.