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Through thick and thin

by KBlom, about 1 month ago

I was very fortunate to have my mentor throughout my learning as a nursing student while I worked casually as a nursing attendant in a fast paced, high acuity area where patient variability was constant and learning opportunities endless. I felt like everyday at work during that time was a countless opportunity to learn something new and get hands on experiences to take back to the classroom to apply to my theoretical learning with real life examples! Once I graduated my mentor continued to be there for me, helping me navigate those initial steps as a graduate nurse and through the roller coaster ride of my first practice year. Even now, with a few more years and independent experience under my belt, I am facing some unprecedented circumstances in the workplace and taking time for myself, my mentor has never left my side and is still there for me sharing her experiences, offering advice and being a friend through it all. What would I do without you!

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