• Darren Sandbeck
    Senior Provincial Director and Chief Paramedic @ AHS EMS
  • Marty Scott
    Executive Director, Provincial Programs @ AHS EMS
  • Dr. Mark MacKenzie
    Senior Medical Director, EMS @ AHS EMS
  • Gordon Bates
    Associate Executive Director, Provincial Air Ambulance Operations @ AHS EMS

    Gord started in EMS in the early 1970's in a small town Fire Department on Vancouver Island that operated the local ambulance service.  He moved to full time EMS when the BC provincial government assumed responsibility for EMS in 1974.  Over the years, Gord has worked as a PCP, ACP and dispatcher. He eventually moved into management roles, including Director Provincial Air Ambulance Programs.  

    Gord joined AHS EMS in 2009, and took on the management of AHS EMS Air Ambulance Operations in 2010.  He currently serves as the Associate Executive Director, Provincial Air Ambulance & Inter Facility Transfer Strategy.

    Gord's experience includes all aspects of design and management of provincial fixed and rotary wing ambulance services, integrated with provincial EMS and the health care system.

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  • Jessica Stevenson
    Manager, Provincial Air Ambulance and IFT Strategy @ AHS EMS

    For the past 8 years, Jessica Stevenson has been a manager with the Alberta Health Services Provincial Air Ambulance Operations and Inter-facility Patient Transport Strategy Department. 

    Prior to this, Jessica spent over 14 years in the Canadian Helicopter Industry as a Pilot, a Base Manager and finally as Flight Operations Safety Specialist before moving to Air Ambulance. 

    Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Human Factors, is trained in the HFACS (Human Factors Analysis and Classification System) approach to incident/accident investigation and will have completed a Master’s in Business Administration in December 2019.  

    Jessica currently works out the Air Ambulance Operations facility at the Edmonton International Airport.

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  • Dr. Kevin Lobay
    Medical Director, AHS Provincial Air Ambulance Operations and IFT Strategy @ AHS EMS

    Dr. Lobay is an emergency medicine physician and trauma team leader at the University of Alberta Hospital, and Transport Physician, and the Medical Director of Alberta’s Provincial Air Ambulance Program. Dr. Lobay completed his EMS Medical Director training here in Alberta, and has been quite involved in supporting our EMS system since completing his residency training in 2011. 

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